Our Expertise


We are technical experts in nonwovens, having worked in the industry for decades. We have developed, sourced and launched products using nonwovens across many different regulatory categories; from baby wipes to diapers, from tampons to incontinence, from disinfecting wipes to PPE face masks. We know how they are constructed, how to test them and how to develop innovative approaches based on your consumer’s needs.


Having launched hundred’s of projects, and previously been Director level at Fortune 500 companies, we can also offer your brand and your company recommendations on strategy. This can be at the brand level or the R&D pipeline level – we are happy to work with your upper management to build Innovation Pipelines all the way through to Investor Decks.

Industry Thought Leaders

We sit on influential industry committees, regularly speak at major conferences and give webinars on specialist topics. We are happy to bring those ideas and knowledge to your teams. Giving Board level direction, offering expert knowledge at a high level, in order to help build & strengthen a company’s Vision.

Project Management

Project Management is our bread and butter! It is weaved into every project – we can bring a traditional 5-Stage Gate approach (Concept, Development, Scale-Up, Launch, Lessons Learned) or a tailor-made approach for your project. We are just as comfortable running Design Control for Medical Devices or running a Cosmetic project, using our skills to ensure your project is kept on-time and on-budget. We consider risk assessments and document generation to be integral to every project to meet the Regulatory needs. In addition, where we are involved in the launch, we will include a Design History Folder or dossier of all the documents collected, organized by Chapters.

Who We Are

I started Crown Abbey back in 2015 after realizing my experiences in life were quite unique. Working at Johnson & Johnson for ten years had given me the fundamental skills in R&D and Project Management, as well as a deep understanding in baby and adult skin. I started as a formulator, but moved quickly to nonwoven products; first pantyliners and pads, and then on to wet wipes.

Moving to PDI, expanded my knowledge into EPA disinfectants, and I managed the launch of several key products there; from our first bleach wipes, to upgrades in quats and no-rinse formulations. From there, I took really the biggest step into the unknown… taking a role at a start-up, where I was one of five women, and the only technical one! To say we all had to roll up our sleeves is an understatement! It became normal to present to the Board in the morning and dash over to the warehouse to help re-pack products. It was really exciting though, as we launched a whole new category into retail – Maternal products, just for pregnant and lactating women. This is where I honed my skills of supplements, launching both softgels and multivitamin pills, as well as OTC pain relief.

After that I formed Crown Abbey, and I’m happy to say, we have been fortunate enough to have the best people as well as wonderful clients ever since! I look forward to getting to know you and your brands,

Heidi, CEO

We have a 99% retention rate with our clients!

Partial Client List:

I am pleased to recommend Heidi and as such her consultancy Crown Abbey. Next to her founded (and accredited) project management skills, Heidi brings a wealth of industry connections in nonwovens, which have been fundamental in moving our project from an idea stage toward market-readiness – a truly tricky part in a product life cycle. What further sets Heidi Apart is her personal determination in continually ensuring projects progress, her enthusiasm for discovering innovative solutions and finding the necessary resources to realize these solutions. We continue to work with Heidi as an integral part of our team and are glad to have found her to help us navigate the world of nonwovens going forward.


CEO, Pedilay Care GmbH

I was recently asked to speak at a nonwovens conference by Heidi Beatty, CEO of Crown Abbey consultancy in her capacity as INDA committee member. Heidi impressed me with her knowledge of the industry and determination to keep the consumer central. Her level of preparation, both in terms of the content of the panel session as well as with the individual panelists ensured an extremely successful outcome. I look forward to working with Heidi again!


Co-Founder and Principal, SPARKS Solutions for Growth

Alyssa Dweck, MD, FACOG

I’ve been working with Crown Abbey for several years and their team have supported us throughout. As a start-up, we’ve relied on their expertise, network and experience. They are at the forefront of our product development, but also have done so much more – giving advice on the direction the project should take, keeping safety and quality as central, and always keeping the women who use our products at the core. Crown Abbey is deeply committed to scouting technologies to improve consumer’s lives and I happily recommend them.

As a Conference Producer at Smithers, I put together many conferences across many industries. One of those is Go Wipes, which brings together industry leaders who are both technical and sales/marketing. Heidi has served for a few years now on its Advisory Board and this year also gave a presentation on re-positioning preservatives to the consumer – it was both engaging & thoughtfully put together, and is clearly a topic Heidi has many years of experience in. Heidi also moderated our Panel discussion on Sustainability in the Wipes industry in which she expertly facilitated a lively discussion including topics on Net Zero, Compostability, Zero Waste, Plastic Free as well as consumer education and sustainability certifications. I look forward to working with Heidi to put together many more great conferences in the future.

Nicola Stephens

Conference Producer - Europe

Information Division