The language of “Sustainability” has, and is, being used increasingly in most areas of our lives.We believe sustainability is more than just words. It is powerful. It is the opportunity to grow with resilience and in authentic alignment with mutually agreed goals for our products and ourselves. Working within the nonwovens industry, we have the skills and expertise to identify raw materials, processing, manufacturing and packaging opportunities to really live your sustainability goals and embody the ever increasing circular economy concept.

Whole system health, as exemplified in the circular economy, is as important to each of us, as it is to our customers. We can you find the answers to important questions, such as: What are the best raw materials to use for this?; How can we develop products that sit within the circular economy framework?; How does raw material choice impact end-of-life options?; What are the best options to dispose of nonwovens and associated packaging, whilst contributing to sustainability of our environment, social relations and economy?; And what choices do we have to improve our communication about a well-defined and certified products?

At Crown Abbey LLC, we have expertise in this area, as well as technology scouting, manufacturing process and project management. Whether you are a startup (in early, mid and late stage) or an established company, please reach out today to learn more.