At Crown Abbey, we help our clients keep a focus on sustainability during all aspects of product development. We are conscious of it during decisions on ingredients and materials, manufacturing process and packaging. It got us thinking we need to remember to keep it top of mind in all we do at work and home, so we’ve committed to making small changes whenever possible. Here are a few of the most recent changes we’ve made in our personal lives and at work.

  1. Heidi – “During lockdown, I decided that we should have a compost – my son and I built a very simple one out of bits of wood we found lying about, and even managed to re-use many of the nails! Since then we have composted our uncooked food scraps… at least all the ones our dog, Barney hasn’t eaten!”
  2. Paul – “We just recently moved house and managed to do the whole move without buying a single box or packing material (other than tape) – we collected boxes from someone who recently moved themselves, and then donated those boxes to someone who is moving next week!”
  3. Claire – “At home, we’ve ensured that we’re only using recycled paper for toilet tissue (why chop down trees just to wipe?) and in doing so reduced plastic packaging, too. This means we’ve consistently bought our toilet paper from either our local health/ organic shop, who well in bulk, or ordered online”
  4. Debbie – “My daughter wants to use a straw when she’s drinking water at home during hybrid school. I’ve switched to the reusable ones and she loves the colors!”
  5. Crown Abbey – The pandemic has of course forced us to travel less, but that has given us the opportunity to see that not every trip was essential. Moving forward we will carefully evaluate what business travel is necessary. Also, the team is trying to be paperless whenever possible. Instead of printing documents to sign, we opt for electronic signatures.