A risk is a risk no matter how small,
But does it cause the team to get into a brawl?
Or do they ignore it and pretend it will disappear?
Is that caused by experience or perhaps by fear?
Sometimes they will shout it out loud
And that loud one will become extra proud
They will grow with importance as everyone finds
No other risk that can twist in their minds.
The team will focus with all their intent
On this terrible risk, of this terrible event.
But a voice at the back starts off small
“Excuse me, but has this particular risk ever happened at all?”
Perhaps another will listen and say it again
“I say, but does this happen every now and then?”
The risk may be real, but how likely will it be
To happen in the lifetime of you or me?
If we can focus on that perhaps we will find
Our risk assessments can become something that bind
A team to their course and get the project
Back on track!