When developing a new product, it is so helpful to look outside your category and industry for inspiration. Not only can you learn trends and what consumers want, but you can get interesting, innovative ideas to help differentiate your product. For instance, when developing skincare products, you might not think to look at the food category. Keep in mind, what is good for the inside can also be good for the outside. Recent food trends such as turmeric, fermentation are also quite popular in many skincare products.

Another great reason to look to other industries is packaging inspiration. Packaging is on everyone’s mind – consumers, manufacturers, retailers – with the hopes of increasing convenience while keeping it environmentally friendly. When seeking eco-friendly and less plastic alternatives to your products, inspiration can be found in other industries as well as DIY sites such as Pinterest.

Additionally, you might get think up new ways to increase convenience or deliver a product. Who thought you could get your vitamins through a “coffee” pod? Somebody, did and you can. Recently we saw fragranced temporary tattoos, an innovative way to wear your perfume and show your individuality.

So, as you develop new products take the time to look beyond your usual competitive landscape. Why not incorporate a new step into your product development process? This can include online searches as well as walks through retailers, especially the areas you don’t usually place product or shop yourself. You’ll never know what you might find with an open mind!