Project Management in Startups

Hi there! I’m Katy Schiesser, and I’ve been in the thick of project management at startups for quite some time. I come from the startup world, working at two of them before I joined Crown Abbey a a little over a year ago.  I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to handle projects in the fast and often unpredictable world of startups.

Startups: A Whole Different Game

Startups are special. They’re all about quick changes, lots of unknowns, and being super flexible. The usual ways of managing projects, which work well for bigger, more stable companies, don’t always fit right with startups.

Making Project Management Fit for Startups

In my role at Crown Abbey, I’ve seen that you can’t use the same old tricks for every startup. We need ways of managing projects that can keep up with how quickly things can change! We focus on making small steps of progress, being ready to change plans, and really getting what the startup is all about.

What Works Best

  • Be Ready to Change: Startups need to be able to switch directions fast when new things come up or when the market changes.
  • Small Steps Matter: Since startups move fast, it’s important to make sure each part of the project adds something valuable.
  • Listen and Adjust: When you work in small steps, you can get feedback early and use it to make sure what you’re doing fits with what people need.
  • Keep Risks in Check: By doing things step by step, you spot problems early and can fix them before they get big. This keeps the project on the right path.
  • Fit the Startup’s Style: I always try to make sure the way we manage projects feels right for the startup’s way of doing things. It should help, not make things harder.

At Crown Abbey, our approach to managing projects in startups is all about being flexible, ready to adapt, and really understanding what makes startups different. I love helping startups tackle their project challenges and stay on track to reach their big ideas.

Want to see how we can change the way your startup handles projects? Come visit us at and let’s chat about it. I’m excited to share this journey with you!

By Katy Schiesser