Are you looking to integrate sustainability into your brand DNA?

It seems more and more companies genuinely are looking for ways to minimize negative impact on the environment and promote sustainability. This is a challenging proposition and often requires rethinking about your ingredients and materials, supply chain, distribution and much more, even before your product gets to the consumer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there! Companies need to think about what their customer will do with the product. We actually don’t see this as another challenge, but a huge opportunity!

How your consumer uses and disposes of your product is essential to close the loop – and ensure all the hard work you have put into the product isn’t wasted by the product ending up in the wrong waste stream (or worse in the environment). There is a fine line between educating and laying guilt onto the consumer. We see this as a time to engage with your customer through education on websites, smart labels and clear claims on packaging. This connection is really a valuable opportunity – to keep consumers engaged with your brand and involved constructively in the circular economy. Finding easy solutions for customers to reuse and recycle can require innovative thinking but can result in brand loyalty. The customer feels good about themselves for doing good and the brand for being good!

At Crown Abbey, we help brands select the right raw materials, packaging and vendors to ensure the right fit in terms of innovation, quality, pricing AND sustainability. We give you the information and recommendations to make good choices every step of the development path.
For help integrating sustainability into your product development, please reach out.