Crown Abbey and Carbon Emissions

Advanced warning

We’re NOT about to greenwash you. We’re about to be honest with you.

Reduced our Emissions

This year, our carbon emissions at Crown Abbey have doubled, compared to our results from 2023. That’s a bit of a hard pill to swallow. BUT the fantastic news is that we’ve still reduced our emissions by a third, compared to our 2019 baseline.

There is so much hidden in those results.

So, how can this happen? Despite an overall reduction, how have we increased our carbon emissions on last year’s figures?

More Team Members

We’ve expanded our team working hours almost by double this year, taking on two more team members; we’ve added in our calculations for our digital foot print this year, too and we’ve also been more vigilant with our courier carbon emissions.

We’ve found that it isn’t always easy or convenient for our colleagues to use couriers with whom you can offset at source- particularly in the USA.

Is this Trip really Needed?

Interestingly for us, aspects like colleagues moving house can change our emissions calculations, too. We all work from home, so this is our largest emissions scope in our results. One colleague moving from a 100% renewable electricity flat, to a new home where its gas central heating. In a small company these things can make a relatively big impact. There is also no doubt that with travel restrictions lifted, as a team, we are now travelling more. However, we definitely do it consciously. Is the trip really needed, or could an online option meet our requirements? We’ve decided that the best option is to choose conferences where we can meet others who we’d like to network with, but choose online learning and development, if possible.

We are Counting More

Additionally, we’ve added in the digital carbon footprint. This aspect can be quite an ‘invisible’ aspect to our work. But we’ve calculated our impact in this area and added it in this year (2023). As our team grows, it’s important to recognise that growth also comes with higher impact on the environment, and we are keen to address this as well as we can.

Change is Inevitable

This year, we’ve operated consciously with regards to our travel, to keep this to a minimum but also to ensure we benefit as a business. Changes are always inevitable and at Crown Abbey we’re keen to maintain our integrity and be able to move towards our goals of excellence in our work, growth and keeping our environmental impact to a minimum.

New Crown Abbey Climate Commitment

We’ve added our Crown Abbey Climate Commitment to our website and you can find it here.

By Claire Plowright