Partial Client List

I was recently asked to speak at a Nonwovens conference by Heidi Beatty, CEO of Crown Abbey consultancy in her capacity as INDA committee member. Heidi impressed me with her knowledge of the industry and determination to keep the consumer central. Her level of preparation, both in terms of the content of the panel session as well as with the individual panelists ensured an extremely successful outcome. I look forward to working with Heidi again

– Rachel Braun Scherl, Co- Founder and Principal, SPARKS Solutions for Growth

Crown Abbey has been pivotal to our success by developing and launching new products, implementing a quality system and identifying & qualifying new suppliers. We are a small start-up with a big presence – with a line of products for pregnant and nursing women, a highly sensitive demographic.  Heidi has developed and launched 6 new products in extremely fast turn around for us and additional products on the way! I’m impressed with the attention to detail both on the technical and consumer side as well as in the timelines, the budget & the documentation. I can highly recommend Heidi and Crown Abbey to any company looking to develop and launch new products.

– Rachel Katz Galatt. Founder, Maternal Science, Inc

I have worked with Heidi on a number of projects over the past couple years. In every situation, I have learned a tremendous amount from her, everything from technical aspects of a project to how to effectively lead a team. When leading a team (and even when not leading a team), she knows how to keep people engaged, motivated, and on task. Not only that, but she challenges the status-quo, drives continuous innovation and always exceeds expectations.
I consider myself lucky to have Heidi as a mentor for both my professional and personal growth.

– Sabrina Samson, Senior Marketing Communications Manager, PDI

I have had the pleasure of knowing Heidi for about three years now. Heidi has great project management skills. Heidi has managed big cross-functional project teams to complete a complex project within a very short period of time. Heidi is a very focused and driven individual who always strives for excellence.

– Anindita Deogharia, Global Pharma Consultants, LLC

I have worked with Heidi, from Crown Abbey, for just over a year now and I continue to be impressed with her holisitic approach to projects. She is an outstanding Project Manager and has added tremendous value to our consumer insights, business cases as well as supporting & streamlining our supply chain and quality.  This has brought significant efficiencies to our ROI. She has successfully owned, developed, and launched a varied array of products, from tablets & capsules to beverages, teas and lozenges, all within tight deadlines and budgets. Her network of vendor relationships and leadership skills make her an invaluable addition to our team.

– Lainie Zwecher, Maternal Science, Inc